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Post by Jango on 2009-07-23, 11:35 pm

Hello Zeon. I see that you recently have formed a grudge against my forum. Im sorry to hear that. What bothers me now, is that I can see a re-accuring pattern starting to form. Whenever this forum starts to get close to be being restored to its original order and happiness, someone gets pissed off, and starts a huge mess and makes everything screwed up. You see Zeon, for a long time, ive had a mission to get this forum to its original happiness, with many of its original members. Today, I have come VERY close to acheiving this goal, but i see you now wish us all ill fate. So Zeon, I would like to politely tell you, that if you are angry at us, or dont like some of us, then simply leave us all be. I hope you can understand, and grant me this wish.

Yours truly,

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